Our fishmonger offers seafood from the same boats and providers as the restaurant, with a seasonal selection of fish and shellfish arriving early each morning. A range of seaweeds, preserved seafood, Scottish Blackthorn Seasalt, other store cupboard essentials and daily deliveries of seasonal vegetables can also be found alongside a selection of wine and freshly prepared fish dishes for collection in-store. Follow the link below to place your orders.


Shetland Mussels £7.00 per kg

Shetland Coley Fillets £15.00 per kg

Shetland Haddock Fillets £18.00 per kg

Shetland Plaice Fillets £28.00 per kg

Peterhead Cod £28.00 per kg

Peterhead Halibut £48.00 per kg

Scrabster Monkfish £38.00 per kg

Cape Wrath Oysters £1.80 each

Cooked Macduff Crab £12 each

Cooked Macduff Lobster £37 each