Local basketmaker Helen Jackson was given a unique and exciting opportunity to showcase her incredible talent. Commissioned to create a magnificent display, Helen crafted a stunning fish shoal composed of 133 basket-weave fish. Suspended from the ceiling, this mesmerising installation floats above the dining room, creating a truly enchanting atmosphere. What makes it even more remarkable is that Helen used willow that she personally grew in nearby Banchory, making this project not only visually stunning but also organic and sustainable.

To achieve the desired pliability, Helen soaked the willow in water for over a week and then mellowed it. This meticulous process ensures that the material is flexible enough to be intricately woven into intricate fish shapes. The final touch involves delicately threading nylon fishing wires through the ceiling, suspending the fish in perfect harmony.

But that’s not all that makes this dining experience truly special. Artist Gideon Summerfield has contributed his incredible talent to the creation of this unique space. Throughout the restaurant, you’ll find portraits painted by Gideon that pay homage to the well-known faces within the Aberdeenshire fishing community. These artworks add a personal touch and reflect the rich fishing history of Scotland, as well as the sustainable practices of fishing that are so important to the local community.

Even the plates on which your food is served have a story to tell. Created by the talented ceramicist Kevin Andrew Morris, these plates are a work of art in themselves. Kevin used a reactive glaze technique, firing the pieces with wood. This process adds a touch of unpredictability, resulting in varied patination and movement inspired by the beautiful tones found on fish skin. Each plate is a unique piece, adding an extra layer of artistry to your dining experience.

So, if you’re looking for a dining experience that not only tantalises your taste buds but also immerses you in a world of creativity and sustainability, look no further. This extraordinary collaboration between local artisans has resulted in a restaurant that celebrates the beauty of nature, the rich history of the fishing community, and the incredible talent of these gifted artists. Come and enjoy a truly unforgettable dining experience that is a feast for the senses.

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